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[06-26-2015] Special Artistic Performance 2015 ¡°Sail.Beyond¡± of Flurida Group Held at Chuzhou Grand Theatre

[6/26/2015] The Special artistic performance 2015 ¡°Sail.Beyond¡± of Flurida Group was held at Chuzhou grand theatre in the night of June 26th. Nearly 1200 people, including the leadership of Chuzhou municipal government, Hangzhou university of electronic science and technology and Chuzhou district official agencies and units at all levels, as well as Flurida¡¯s suppliers, partners, employees, watched the performance.
The subject of this performance is to praise Flurida and to¡°sail.beyond¡±. The Chuzhou performing arts group and Flurida¡¯s employees all performed in various forms, e.g. singing and dancing, opusculum, vocal performance,etc. There was also a passionate performance of poetry.The performance showed the merit of Flurida from various angles, rushed to spirit, fully reflects the overall level of Flurida enterprise culture. Performed by Flurida employees, the poetry recitation enthusiastically eulogized the rapid development fruitful achievement of Flurida in recent years. reflect the youthful spirit of the new generation young workers. This programme got high evaluation of the municipal government leadership and applause of the audience.
The organizer of this performance also invited three special guests from the United States: young piano artist David Ding, Darren Ding, as well as contemporary music scholar Yao Lu.They use adept skills and deep knowledge of the music language, different rhythm and style from each piece of music performance incisively and vividly, conquered all the guests and the audience. Their wonderful piano concerts promote the whole atmosphere to a climax.
The performance was finished in the melodious song . As the local famous enterprise and top 20 tax-payer, Chuzhou Flurida formally put into production in 2009. With support from the government at all levels of Chuzhou, by the joint efforts of all Flurida staff, we¡¯ve achieved high-speed growth in 6 consecutive years. The Special artistic performance 2015 ¡°Sail.Beyond¡± brought a special night for Chuzhou citizen, which is an interpretation of Flurida¡¯s operation philosophy: ¡°to give back to society, and sustainable management¡±. It also reflects Flurida¡¯s long term approach to corporate social responsibility.

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