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The Flurida Group provides products and services to the appliance industry. Our primary products include shade pole motors,high efficiency motors, icemakers, ice water dispensing systems and the refrigeration control assemblies. Our three subsidiaries and family of affiliates provide technical expertise and quality manufacturing capabilities to provide solutions for our customers' needs.

Known as a components and sub-assemblies manufacturer and OEM supplier for the appliance industry, we provide the following products and services:
  • High efficiency motors,Shade pole motor assemblies for refrigerators or freezers,
  • Automatic refrigerator build-in for icemaker and refrigerator through-door ice water systems; and
  • Refrigeration sub-assemblies, including DAC boxes, thermostat assemblies and air flow systems.

Flurida's vision is to provide cutting edge manufactured products supported by state-of-the-art quality control methods at competitive prices.


Company Culture

The Dynamics between Flurida and Customers:
Our specialists create value. Our customers come first.

Because we have specialty knowledge, core technologies, customized equipment, and product experts in what we are doing, we can provide professional services and top-rated products to customers. That is the value of Flurida. And we at Flurida will always put our customers before us by satisfying their requirements, solving their problems and materializing their profits.

Flurida Core Values:
Integrity, Innovation, Commitment and Development

To succeed in the world, an individual or a company must follow the principle of integrity. They must be truthful, reliable, do what they say, fulfill their promises, and treat others without deceit.

Innovation is thinking outside of the box, inventing new things and verbalizing things in a new way. It is not limited to improving and creating new stuff, but everything that involves change. Innovation is about taking risks, making changes and working super hard.

Commitment is any endeavor at school or work that we give full concentration and devotion. It means an employee abides by the professional ethics of their position. Commitment requires a diligent work attitude, consistent daily work output, and doing things you won't regret later.

As a natural process, things continuously change, evolve, and renew themselves. . It can be minor changes or major leaps. It can be good or bad. You need to adapt to changes all the time and promote changes sometimes.

Flurida Work Style: Respond swiftly. Act immediately.


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