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Flurida Group Inc. was founded in Chicago in 1997, registered in Nevada in 2006.

Flurida creates value through integrity, innovation, commitment and continuous development. We set our mission to be in pursuit of excellence. With our commitment to R&D coupled with our manufacturing strengths, Flurida is always on its way to innovation and quality. By utilizing our R&D centers, we have created a unique product that will enhance the lives of the consumer. We have designed it at a competitive cost point which makes it accessible and affordable to the majority of the population. Flurida promises achievement of Innovation That Matters To You by producing high quality products that enhance people lives.

The Finished Products Business Division focuses on developing, manufacturing, and distributing Ice Water Dispensers, Water Filters, Air Purifiers, High Efficiency Stoves, and LED products. The Parts and Components Business Division of Flurida Group makes and supplies all the core parts.

Flurida Group is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA. The Business and Service Center is located in Chicago, IL and El Paso, TX.

Integrity, Innovation, Commitment, and Development and Specialists create value. Customers come first are the core values of Flurida Group.


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