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Flurida group was founded in Chicago in 1997. Now, the group is headquartered in Los Angeles, and Asia is headquartered in Singapore.

Flurida group has parts division and finished products division. The R&D products of Flurida group have entered the stage of OEM + ODM + independent brand. While producing and selling the new type of environmental protection household appliances independently developed, Flurida group is also committed to designing and supporting core parts products and providing solutions for world-class household appliance enterprises. Flurida adheres to the business philosophy of "professional value creation, customer interests first", and has established a good brand image in the world.

Los Angeles is the headquarters of the group, integrating investment, management, R&D, sales and service. Sales and service engineers are distributed in Texas, South Carolina and Chicago in the United States. They can provide customers with considerate service within 24 hours.

Asia Singapore headquarters is responsible for the group's Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East and South America business, and provides support for Asian factories to undertake new projects and new business.

The group has three manufacturing bases in Asia, which located in Qingdao, Shandong, China / Chuzhou, Anhui, China and Bangkok, Thailand. Qingdao factory mainly supplies for China's home appliance enterprises; Chuzhou factory mainly supplies for other domestic customers, and exports products directly to customers in Asia Pacific, Europe and South America. The R&D center and testing center in Asia are also in Chuzhou factory; Thai factory is mainly a production base for exporting products to American customers.


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