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Flurida Group Inc. was registered in Nevada in 2006, and went public on the NASDAQ OTC in 2009, coded FLUG.

Flurida Group has two divisions :

The Parts and Components Business Division focuses on providing essential parts and solutions to global home appliance companies. Experienced engineering teams in the US and China design and develop the products, which are made in our China manufacturing facilities. Flurida's Chinese factories have first-rate quality control, cost control, and inventory flow control capabilities. Flurida's products are made with the most advanced technologies in the world. Flurida's customer service teams are positioned globally to provide responsive, effective, and superb services to our global clients.

The Finished Products Business Division focuses on developing, manufacturing, and distributing Ice Water Dispensers, Water Filters, Air Purifiers, High Efficiency Stoves, and LED products. The Parts and Components Business Division of Flurida Group makes and supplies all the core parts.

Flurida Group is headquartered in Los Angles. The Business and Service Center is located in Chicago IL USA and Elpaso TX USA. Flurida's manufacturing facilities are in China.

Integrity, Innovation, Commitment, and Development and Specialists create value. Customers come first are the core values of Flurida Group.


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