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[07-14-2018] Principalof Hangzhou DianziUniversity visitedChuzhouFlurida

[[07-14-2018] On July 13th, in order to promote the deep integration of production and education, and promote the close cooperation between the school and government, Zhu Zefei, the principal of Hangzhou Disnzi University, and other responsible persons ofUniversitycame to ChuzhouFlurida to make a special visit on the cooperation between HDU and Flurida. Ding Jianfeng, Flurida¡¯s founder and chairman of the board of directors, warmly welcomed Principal Zhu and his party.
On the evening of July 13, Zhang Xiangan, Chuzhou Party Secretary, invited Chairman Ding and Principal Zhu and his entourage to hold a meeting in the municipal government. Many leaders of the municipal government attended the meeting. Chairman Ding is an honorary citizen and local outstanding entrepreneur in Chuzhou City, his cooperation concept in the university, government and enterprise was unanimously recognized by Secretary Zhang and relevant government leaders. The three parties conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on issues such as talent docking and platform construction, and implemented the strategic cooperation agreement between Chuzhou Municipal Government and HDU, Flurida Group and HDU, and reached a consensus on deepening the importance of school-enterprise cooperation.
On the morning of July 14, accompanied by Ding Jianfeng, the chairman of Flurida Group, Principal Zhu and his team visited Quanjiao Plant and Chuzhou Plant of Fidelity Group, and went to the production workshop and R&D laboratory to carefully examine the product manufacturing and R&D. The two sides exchanged in-depth discussions on technical cooperation and personnel training, and expressed the need to give full play to their regional advantages and technological advantages, strengthen cooperation and exchanges, and jointly carry out technical research. At the end of the inspection, Principal Zhu Zefei expressed his praise for Fluridaby the inscription ¡®Fu ER JI DA TIAN XIA¡¯.
Over the years, Flurida Group has been paying attention to the common development of political, enterprise, research and research. It has won various honorary titles such as ¡°Top Ten Taxpayers¡±, ¡°Excellent Industrial Enterprises in the City¡±, ¡°Specialized Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in Anhui Province¡±, and DingJianfeng£¬Chairman of Flurida Group£¬was awarded the title of ¡°Chuzhou Honorary Citizen¡±. As the alumnus of Hangzhou DianziUniversity, Chairman Ding Jianfeng has established a mature and stable school-enterprise cooperation relationship with his alma mater HDU.
Subsequently, PrincipalZhu and his entourage attended the symposium of the Economic Development Zone Management Committee of Chuzhou City. Other participants include:Yang Jiaqing, deputy director of the Economic Development Zone Management Committee; Liu Lihua, deputy director of the Management Committee; Wang Yanyong, director of the Chuzhou Municipal Science and Technology Department; Qian Yubin, deputy director of the Science and Technology Department; Gao Fengli, deputy director of the Science and Technology Department; , Zheng Chaogui, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and dean of Chuzhou University; and Ding Jianfeng, chairman of Flurida Group.
After in-depth exchanges and discussions, a research institute will be prepared jointly to establish by Chuzhou Economic Development Zone Management Committee, Hangzhou Dianzi University, Chuzhou Univiersity and Flurida. The establishment of research institute will accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, enlarge the advantages of technological innovation, promote industrial upgrading, support social economy development, and makeChuzhou to play a leading role in the construction of innovative cities and regional economic development. The project is expected to invest RMB 10 million, and plans to establish a doctoral workstation. The institute is mainly engaged in research and development, concept design, sample production and testing of smart home appliances, and serves local enterprises.

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