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[12-13-2017] Flurida and CHEARI agree to cooperate on developing smart appliances

[[12-13-2017] On Dec 13, 2017,Hong Xu, chief engineer of China Household Electrical Appliances Research Institute (CHEARI), Tao Zhang, dean of Anhui Branch of CHEARI, and Peng Zhao, a professor-level senior engineer came to Flurida (Chuzhou) for technical exchange and communication, and reached cooperation intention in various fields. Jianfeng Ding, founder of Flurida Group and chairman of the board of directors, together with relevant technical directors of Flurida, hosted the visitors.
Hong Xu and his companions visited Flurida's production lines and laboratories to understand the production and operation of the enterprise. Subsequently, the two sides conducted in-depth communication on specific projects such as the design and cost reduction of smart appliances, ice-water machines and large refrigerators, flexible transformation of motor production lines, sensors and chipsetting of DC motors. Both parties focused on Flurida¡¯s recent R&D issues and cooperation ideas to carry out analysis and demonstration, and on smart appliances, DC motor drive chip, robot equipment and other cooperation projects reached a preliminary cooperation intentions.
As a state-level authority, CHEARI possesses three major platforms, namely technology service, scientific innovation and information service, guiding forward the new direction of appliance industry development. Flurida Group has been deeply cultivating on the core components of household appliances, has had a good manufacturing base and sales capabilities; and around the core technology elements ice, wind, water, Fluridais expanding the business field to complete machine products. The combination of both parties will achieve the goal of synergetic innovation and win-win cooperation to create better products and provide consumers with better services and experiences.

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