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[11-15-2017] Hand in hand, heading for the future

[[11-15-2017] Nov 15 to Nov 16, 2017, JianfengDing, founder and chairman of the board of directors of Flurida Group, Bilong Sheng, party secretary and director of the Management Committee of Chuzhou Economic Development Zone in Anhui Province, and TaoZhang, executive vice president of Anhui Institute of Home Appliance and Electronics, went to Hangzhou Dianzi University (HDU), to attend the activity on Government-Industry-University-Research Cooperation.
Mr. Ding and his companionsvisited HDU¡¯s Exhibition Hall of Intelligent Technology and Intelligent Laboratory successively, and then conducted an in-depth discussion with experts from School of Mechanical Engineering and Electronics and Information Technology on the cooperation of scientific research projects. The visit promoted the cooperation and interaction amongHDU,the government of Chuzhou city,Flurida Group and China Household Electrical Appliances Institute. The visit has implemented more than 10 cooperation agreements and truly realized the win-win situation of many parties.

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