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Our US and China engineering teams are continuously striving for constant product innovation and cost optimization. Our mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, design engineers, product engineers, tooling engineers, manufacturing engineers, testing engineers, quality engineers are pushing forward daily on all stages of a product life cycle whether it is concept design, product verification, or mass production. We keep developing new products that meet customer needs, improving current products for better quality and efficiency, and applying new technology, new material, and new process.

Our Research and Development Centers are located in:
. Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles R&D
Concept design and market research
Product development and innovation in home appliance parts, including motor, icemaker, Ice Water Dispenser, Mold and Plastic Injection
. Motor Team designs and develops commercial motors, high efficient motors and pole-shaded motors.
. Icemaker/IWD Team designs and develops refrigeration automatic icemakers and IWD systems.
. Mold/Plastic Injection Team designs and develops plastic parts for home appliance and refrigeration assemblies.

Flurida can take complicated assembly projects, which involve hundreds of parts, and collaborate with customers to customize design parts and assemblies for home appliance products. After design and testing in Flurida R&D Centers, most parts can be manufactured in Flurida factories.

The R&D Centers operate a variety of testing equipment which can examine all types of parameters of motor and wire harness, including:
. Automatic tester for icemaker
. Motor reliability tester
. Two-dimension tester
. ROHS tester
. Constant temperature and humidity box
. Glow-wire tester
. Smoke test box
. Power tester
. Intelligent automatic pressure tester
. Hardness tester
. Photoelectrical rotating speed meter
. Creepage trace tester
. Double-track oscillograph
. Winding insulation pressure tester
. Frequency conversion stable voltage power supply
. AC stable voltage power supply
. Creepage tester
. Current-loaded coil temperature rise tester
. Single-facet erect balance equipment
. Mini vibration tester
. Multi-function sound level meter
. Thermostat testing table
. Wire harness assembly tester


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