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Flurida group was founded in Chicago in 1997. Now, the group is headquartered in Los Angeles, and Asia is headquartered in Singapore.

Flurida group has parts division and finished products division. The R&D products of Flurida group have entered the stage of OEM + ODM + independent brand. While producing and selling the new type of environmental protection household appliances independently developed, Flurida group is also committed to designing and supporting core parts products and providing solutions for world-class household appliance enterprises. Flurida adheres to the business philosophy of "professional value creation, customer interests first", and has established a good brand image in the world.

Los Angeles is the headquarters of the group, integrating investment, management, R&D, sales and service. Sales and service engineers are distributed in Texas, South Carolina and Chicago in the United States. They can provide customers with considerate service within 24 hours.

Asia Singapore headquarters is responsible for the group's Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East and South America business, and provides support for Asian factories to undertake new projects and new business.

The group has three manufacturing bases in Asia, which located in Qingdao, Shandong, China / Chuzhou, Anhui, China and Bangkok, Thailand. Qingdao factory mainly supplies for China's home appliance enterprises; Chuzhou factory mainly supplies for other domestic customers, and exports products directly to customers in Asia Pacific, Europe and South America. The R&D center and testing center in Asia are also in Chuzhou factory; Thai factory is mainly a production base for exporting products to American customers.


Company Culture

Integrity, innovation, commitment, and development

Integrity which also means honesty and credit. They are the central idea of the way of being a person. Standing in the world should be based on honesty and credit. To cultivate morality, we must be truthful, consistent in words and deeds, keep our promise and be honest.

Innovation is characterized by new thinking, invention, and new description. It not only refers to updating and creating new things, but also includes change. Innovation means giving, change, and risk.

Commitment is to concentrate on the work, refers to the employees in a collective work, strictly abide by the professional ethics attitude. Professionalism requires diligent work attitude, down-to-earth, no regrets.

Development is a process in which things change, update and continue, with both quantitative and qualitative changes. There are both positive and negative changes. We should conform to and promote development.

Profession creates value, customer interests first
For many years, Flurida has formed its own core competitiveness by virtue of its professional technology, created great value for the enterprise, and promoted the continuous development and growth of the enterprise. What's more, Flurida not only shares the value created with customers, but also focuses on the interests of customers, to win the trust of customers, and always closely integrate with customers and grow together.

Quick response, immediate action
Our quick response ability and decisive execution ability not only catch the pulse of the market, but also win the high recognition of customers.

Milestones in 25 Years
1997 Founded Flurida company, Headquartered in Los Angeles.>
1998 Registered Flurida Industries (HK) Ltd.>
2001 Established joint venture company with Bitron in Qingdao.>
2004 Established first fully owned factory Qingdao Flurida Mechanical Electronics Co., Ltd.>
2005 Set up JV with Mid-South Industries, Inc of USA in Qingdao, named Qingdao ZNFR Mechanical Electronics Co., Ltd.>
2005 Set up JV with Swiss company MES in Shanghai, supply automobile parts to VW.>
2008 Started construction of Flurida Chuzhou Industrial Park. Land 16.5 Acre, plant 86k sq ft.>
2009 Permitted by SEC, Flurida was listed on Nasdaq on 5th Feb. (FLUG)>
2010 Set up R&D center in Los Angeles and Chuzhou, China.>
2013 Started construction of Flurida Quanjiao Industrial Park. Land 33 Acre, plant 1.3m sq ft.>
2016 Established a JV company Flurida Bantai in Chuzhou. Independent R&D and production of PCBA products.>
2018 Established Flurida Group (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Production of ice maker, motor, and other products. Mainly for American customers.>
2019 Established Flurdia Group (Singapore) Co., Ltd. Moved Asia headquarters from HK to Singapore.>
2020 Expanded Flurida Quanjiao Industrial Park. Expand the production of ODM and independent brand products.>
2021 Expanded Thailand factory. Expand the production of ODM and independent brand products.


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