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[07-19-2017] Haier Surprise Inspections Team Gave Our Qingdao Factory High Praise

On Jun 19 of 2017, Zhen Wang, Ruicai Zhang, Gongzhi Xu, Zailiang Xu, as the inspection team of Haier, conducted surprise inspections in our Qingdao factory. Meanwhile, Haier invited 5 people of leadership team of Wolong Electric to visit our factory to learn Flurida¡¯s management methods on field management, production management and quality control.
After the inspection, Haier team was very satisfied with the field management, process control, quality control and Flurida¡¯s overall management, which are better than ones last year: workshop is tidily and clean, management situation is excellent, standard of QC is clear, 100% inspection for the key performance of production. Engineer Xu said that Haier will commend Flurida, however, he also requested us to be better in another aspects like: noise inspection room, automatically packaging of production, etc.
The photoshoot of related commendation from Haier inspection team is as follow:
Since 2004, Flurida was the first modular suppliers of Haier. Until now, Flurida already becomes one of the largest supplier for Haier refrigerator system production. For years, ¡®Profession makes value, interests of customers first¡¯ is ourbusiness principle; and we believe that, only if depending on the professional attitude and outstanding technology, we can create the best production. Every stuff of Flurida must remember this principle and work following this, continue to create the higher value. Creating the value is not only for ourselves, but, the most important, is for the customers: using our profession tostrengthen customers¡¯ competitiveness, to help customers win more market share.Because Flurida¡¯s sustainable development is based on that helpingcustomer to gain real interests first.

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