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[03-21-2017] President of Skyworth Group, Weide Lai, visiting Chuzhou Flurida

On March 21, Weide Lai, President of the Board Skyworth Group,Qinan Wu, General Manager of Nanjing Skyworth Home Appliance Co., Ltd., Jian Wen, Manager of refrigerator product line in Nanjing Skyworth Home Appliances Co., Ltd., and their group arrived at Chuzhou to visit Chuzhou Flurida Mechanical Electronics Co., Ltd.
At8:00 am in the morning, Mr. Lai and his group arrived at Conference Room in Executive Building. After briefly introduced about the development history, operation status and future planning of Flurida, they had a cooperation conference with Flurida about the core components of the refrigerator and the finish product project.
Accompanied by Jianfeng Ding, President of Flurida, President Lai and his group visited the product exhibition hall, central laboratory, Chuzhou factory and Quanjiao factory and did comprehensive and systematic investigations on production layout, equipment, quality control and logistics delivery and other aspects of Flurida. In central laboratory, President Lai carefully observed the technical staff operating in field and complemented the advanced test equipment and orderly rigorous management.
During the visit, two parties reached a cooperation intention for the core parts and components of embedded water and ice maker system, motors, harnesses and other home appliances and established a long-term strategic cooperative relationship. Flurida will start a comprehensive and in-depth cooperation in the field of smart appliances represented by ice water machine and water purifier, core components of high-tech home appliances, new energy vehicles and other fields with Skyworth Group.
Flurida Group Inc. was established in 1997 with headquarter in Los Angeles, USA. and listed in Nasdaq in 2009.It is the leading supplier of core components of home appliance in the world with advanced research ability of developing ice and water system and production capacity. Flurida has been provide Electrolux, GE, BSH, LiBohaier and other world five hundred fortune household appliance enterprises with high-quality core components of home appliances and finished products. Recently, Flurida has successfully achieved its diversified development, involving spacecraft matching, finished home appliances products, international Financial and other fields.
Skyworth Group established in 1988 has more than 40,000 employees. It is specialized in researching, developing and manufacturing consumer electronics, such as smart TV, air conditioning, refrigerator, washing machine, display devices, digital set-top boxes, security monitors, network communications, semiconductors, 3C digital, LED Lighting and other products. Meanwhile, it is expanded into a large high-tech group focusing on the smart TV platform operation and users value extendability. In 2016, Skyworth with brand value of £¤83.232 billion was awarded in ”°Top 500 Chinese Fortunes”± and ”°Top 100 Companies Listed in Hong Kong”±. The visit of the Skyworth strengthened the mutual trust and understanding of Flurida and Skyworth, promoted the cooperation process, opened a new chapter for the two companies to achieve complementary advantages and win-win results.

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