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[03-13-2017] Flurida and East West Bank Open A New Chapter in Strategic Cooperation!

East West Bank is founded in Los Angeles of California, USA, in 1973. It became listed on NASDAQ in February of 1999. Until June 30, 2015, the total assets of East West Bank is 30.1 billion dollars, and its market value is over 6 billion dollars. East West Bank is ranked the top 25 banks of America. 2010-2014, East West Bank was voted the 15th best bank in ¡°100 BEST BANKS OF AMERICA¡± by¡°Forbes¡± magazine.
The cooperation of Flurida Group and East West Bank started 3 years ago. East West Bank provides Flurida 10 million dollars unsecured credit line, and gives a lot of guidance and help in foreign exchange trading and risk management. Meanwhile, Flurida helps East West Bank create a good performance.
East West Bank is both a good partner in the business and a strong financial backing for Flurida. The financial support of East West Bank, not only for Flurida to create its new profit growth, but also contribute to Flurida¡¯s globalized operation and expansion, and help Flurida enhance the competitiveness in the international market.
As a listed company, East West Bank discloses the annual report each year, and always mentions the cooperation condition with its best annual partner in the report. With the professionalism, integrity and effort, Flurida won the honor of ¡°2016 Best Partner of East West Bank¡±, and showed in bank annual report as an outstanding cooperation case. The following isextracted from annual report of East West Bank; more details you could download from East West Bank official website if you are interested.

Foreign Exchange
Many opportunities are available for businesses operating globally, but the rewards can present additional risks. Geopolitical fluctuations and concerns about the global economic landscape can increase market volatility and unpredictability. East West¡¯s Foreign Exchange (¡°FX¡±) Team offers solutions and guidance for our client base to help them minimize FX risk, reduce market volatility, and effectively navigate uncertainties.
With our cross-border expertise in the United States and Greater China and a comprehensive suite of products, we bring simple, cost-effective solutions to help our clients grow their businesses internationally with confidence. In partnership with our clients, our FX team develops customized ¡°best practice¡± frameworks to meet their objectives including cross-border acquisitions, risk-management programs, and remittance procedures, reducing cash flow volatility and improving revenue stability.

East West in Action
Flurida Group Inc. is a U.S.-based company that provides essential parts and finished products to global home appliance companies such as Electrolux, Whirlpool, Haier and GE. Flurida¡¯s manufacturing facilities are in China, and the company sells its products in the U.S. and Europe.
East West¡¯s FX team provides ongoing currency exchange and hedging services to Flurida, supporting the company¡¯s international multi-currency operations. With a presence in both the U.S. and Hong Kong, our FX team has essential expertise in Asian currency transactions and provides 24 hour, bilingual access to clients, which add value for global companies such as Flurida. Our advisory services and frequent communication are a key component of our relationship with Flurida: we provide regular market updates, insight and outlook, enabling our client to make informed day-to-day currency management decisions. We have become a trusted partner of Flurida in supporting their global operations and expansion plans.

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