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[03-13-2017] Flurida (Chuzhou) Launches Officially IPO Preparation

It has come to fruition on an offering by Flurida (Chuzhou). March 13, many professionals came to Flurida (Chuzhou), include Yuan Feng, a managing partner at Grandall Law Firm, Tiehua Zhan, a senior partner at Huapu Tianjian Certified Public Accountants, and the head of Northeast Securities. They discussed the preparatory work and the target progress before listing, provided planning and consulting services for Flurida (Chuzhou) before the listing. And for the specific operation of Flurida, they gave professional advice and suggestions as well.
The meeting decided some key details about Flurida (Chuzhou) listed on the market, which shows Flurida (Chuzhou) IPO process has launched according to the plan. Later, Flurida (Chuzhou) and related agencies will in accordance with the agreed schedule in an orderly manner to promote the matter.
Since Flurida (Chuzhou)¡¯s inception, it has been operated in the most modest way for 10 years. As an industry's leading home appliance core components supporting enterprise, Flurida (Chuzhou) owns many advantagesin the process of listing. In the operation performance, Flurida (Chuzhou) keep high growth and stable profitability for many years; and company has been awarded many honors by government, such as ¡°National High-tech Enterprise¡±, ¡°Provincial Enterprise Technology Center¡±, ¡°Integrity Enterprise in Anhui Province¡±, ¡°Innovative Enterprise¡±, ¡°Mayor Quality Prize¡±, and ¡°Top 20 Enterprises in Local Tax¡±, etc. In 2016, Flurida (Chuzhou) won the title ¡°Top 10 Enterprises in Local Tax¡±. Based on the main business--- parts business, Flurida (Chuzhou) also involves in other business area: financial industry, home appliances, aerospace vehicles and so on. Flurida (Chuzhou) has very clear development strategy; it no longer relied on the single industry, but developing diversified industrial structure; in the next three years, the average revenue growth may be up over 30%, Flurida (Chuzhou) is rapidly gaining traction. So, Flurida (Chuzhou) will open up broader development prospects after company listed.

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