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[03-12-2017] Flurida ¨C Crystal Mountain Signed Cooperation Agreement

March 12, Jianfeng Ding, president of Flurida, and Fred, president of Crystal Mountain, signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Chuzhou City. The agreement indicates Flurida and Crystal Mountain will create new ice-water machine products together, and sell the products to North America and Europe.
Crystal Mountain is a leading Canadian company, specializing in the production and sale of high-end water and drinking water appliances. It is one of the earliest members of the American Bottled Water Association, now its products distribute to North America, Mexico, and Europe; meanwhile, Crystal Mountain occupied the 1st market share in North America office and household water purifier industry.
With the operating principle of ¡°professional creates value, customer interests first¡±, Flurida is a well-known core components supporting enterprise, and have world¡¯s leading R&D and production capacity on home appliance¡¯s ice-water system. Flurida has provided high-quality supporting products for GE, Electrolux, BSH, Liebherrwhich are Fortune Global 500 Enterprises for many years. In recent years, Flurida also researches and manufactures its own ice-water products, which has entered successfully the machine industry of home appliance. Until now, Flurida¡¯s ice-water machine won 19 National patents, which has owned multiple functions: ice, crushed ice, cool water, room-temperature water, hot water, purified water; it is awarded the title ¡°High-tech product in Anhui Province¡±. Ice-water machine of Flurida is international forworward-looking product in home ice-making field and bathroom and kitchen design filed.
The cooperation between Flurida and Crystal Mountain, which integrates the unique advantages of two companies in their respective business areas, laying a solid foundation for the promotion and development of this new product. According to the principle of ¡°mutual benefit, high quality and efficiency¡±, Flurida and Crystal Mountain formed a deep strategic partnership, two parties will constantly optimize the product and expand the global market, hereby creating brand-new ice-water industry together.

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