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[02-14-2017] Xiaochun Wan, Director of Science and Technology Department of Anhui Province Visited Flurida (Chuzhou)

February 14, Mr. Xiaochun Wan, director of Science and Technology Department of Anhui Province visited our company. He was accompanied on the visit by leaders of Chuzhou city and science officials.
At first£¬Director Wan and his party came to company's exhibition hall and the central laboratory. Our company representative introduced company¡¯s products, such as components and machines, as well as operating details of Flurida. Director Wan recognized our leading technology in the field of ice-making machines and motors.
In the laboratory, Director Wan asked in detail about Flurida¡¯s investment in R&D and technical innovation. Kai Xu, our R&D and QA manager, gave a report about that.Kai detailed Flurida¡¯s R&D team construction,scientific and technological brainstorm projects, school-enterprise cooperation in science and technology research and development projects, etc.. Director Wan encouraged Flurida to increase R&D spending, apply patents for Flurida¡¯s products and technology, seek financial supports for R&D projects; meanwhile, he also said government will help the technological cooperation between Flurida and colleges of Anhui province, boost enterprise technology innovation.
Then, Director Wan and his entourage went to our production plants. They visited the ice maker production line, wire harness production line, motor and other parts production line. Director Wan fully affirmed Flurida¡¯s quality in technological progress and production management, and he hopes that Flurida could strengthen the core technology control, and further enhance the market competitiveness, thereby enlarging the company to be stronger and more competitive.
On the same day, People Daily Online, XinhuaNet,PhoenixNet and other media also visited Flurida (Chuzhou), they interviewed and reported scientific and technological innovation of Flurida Group.

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