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[07-06-2016] Motor Workshop Introduced More Automation Equipments

Recent years, Flurida speeds up development of the integration of information technology and manufacturing technology, to promote intelligent manufacturing. In order to further improve automation production degree, Flurida motor workshop introduced two sets of automation equipment, which brought a qualitative change to the motor department.
Take high efficiency motor as example, the production capacity of two production lines is 8000 units per day, there are 4 people inserts pins, 5 people winds, 3 people welds, 2 people packages tape, using artificial semi automatic winding machine. However, after we adopted the automation equipment numerical control winding machine, the same production capacity can be completed by just one person. At the same time, the crush motor line also adopted automation equipment. With introduction of two automated equipment, our labor costs was reduced dramatically.
In addition, Many other automatic equipments including motor performance tester, panel assembly line, refrigerator motor line, automatic cover riveter are put into use. With great enthusiasm, Flurida motor department continuously innovates and strives to build a intelligent manufacturing industry chain.

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