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[05-09-2016] Flurida(Chuzhou) Won ¡®Top 20 Taxpayer Enterprise¡¯

At the beginning of 2015, Flurida(Chuzhou) gained honor of ¡®Top 20 taxpayer enterprise¡¯ from the management committee of Chuzhou economic and technological development zone, as well as commendation by district government. In 2015, the taxpaying of Flurida was increasing continuously, a 69% increase over that in 2014; Flurida (Chuzhou) has been a large taxpayer in local, and set a good example to other local enterprises.
These years, Flurida(Chuzhou) always runs businesses according to law, pays tax with sincerity, and contributes good economic benefits to society. In the new year, Flurida(Chuzhou) will enhance corporate transformation, extend new businesses of finished products, develop new economic growth point, keep company profits increasing steady, hereby benefiting to local economy and social development.

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