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[05-06-2016] Flurida (Chuzhou) is Identified as Provincial Technology Center

[05-06-2016]According to the standard of ¡°Evaluation Index System by Enterprise Technology Center¡±,after several evaluations and demonstrations by Anhui Province Economic and Trade Commission, Finance Commission and other relevant departments, Flurida.Inc (Chuzhou) Technology Center is identified to be ¡°provincial enterprise technology center¡¯.
Flurida(Chuzhou) Technology Center is including: ice maker research department, motor wiring harness research department, comprehensive test center and laboratory etc., which also containing millions value of professional research instruments and hundreds of engineers.
In recent years, Flurida (Chuzhou) is focusing on the research and development, the investment on research is increasing every year, from millions in the beginning to 2 billion in 2015. Besides, Flurida(Chuzhou) is very emphasis on personnel training, and has founded a technical advisory group to closely follow the market and customer demands; in the product¡¯s R&D, Flurida (Chuzhou) carries out the project responsibility system, and cooperates with universities, institutions and industry experts to develop the products, and to ensure the competitiveness of products.

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