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[02-06-2016] Company Pay Constant Attention to the Safety Work During the Spring Festival

[02-06-2016]During the Spring Festival in 2016, the safety management has been under good control. Since Chuzhou city has just suffered from a cold snap, in order to guarantee the facilities in good condition during the Spring Festival, in conjunction with all equipment dept., safety management dept. and HR dept. double checked all wastepipes and facilities before the Spring Festival. The fire control facilities was registered one by one, to make sure they are intact and without damage or missing; For key sections of the company such as laboratories, showrooms, warehouses, finance department, we all checked one by one. Besides, we arranged the staff on duty during the Spring Festival and set abnormal situation report system.
In addition, the company also focuses on the staff dormitory, canteen, all electrical appliancesĄŻ safety. Before the holiday leave, we cut off the power and shut down the water. We also conduct special inspections for natural gas pipeline to prevent leakage.
During the Spring Festival, the company also enriched the company strength of staff on duty. There are 22 managers and 20 employees from key departments on duty, one person in day time, night shift two person, to prevent occurrence of safety accidents and to ensure that we can organize personnel to remove hidden dangers at the first time. For security guards, we put emphasis on the safety consciousness education, tell them never pass a hidden trouble.
During the Spring Festival, the company also cooperates with Chuzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee, to improve the company's fire safety supervision management and was praised by the government. The company provided good safeguard and constantly paid attention to fire safety work so that all employees can have a peaceful Spring Festival.

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