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[01-05-2016] Flurida Water Filter Got the Hygiene Licence

[01-05-2016]At the beginning of 2016, Our Flurida water filter Received a long-awaited New Year present --- type FD - RO100G - C01 reverse osmosis water filter hygiene license (approval number: (2016) no. 0488).The arrival of this certificate indicated a full stop of 2015 to Water Filter Department, it also laid a solid foundation for the future production and sales work of the company.
In early 2015. water filter research and development department was established. At first there is no huge work team and mature production line, but these have not let us retreat, as the product planning, industrial design and structure design was finished step by step, FD - RO100G - C05 water purification machine's prototype successfully showed up. However, to sales in the market, we must get the hygiene license, that process is not smooth. For the first time, the Provincial Department of Public Health led to the site audit, they proposed several opinions and suggestions to improve the location of workshop, warehouse, the requirement of the workshop environment.
According to the Provincial Department of Public Health's guidance, we changed the production site, improved the material storage area, acquiring the disinfection equipment, distinguishing the traffic logistics, etc., and at the end of 2015, we passed the review of the site inspection; Later on, we deliver ed the samples to the Bureau of Disease Control and Prevention in Shanghai. Finally, on January 14, 2016, we got the precious hygiene license for Flurida Water Filter.
2016 will be a new chapter, water filter project team will make persistent efforts, work steadily and attentively, to constantly develop new water filter products with excellent performance and cater to the market.

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