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[09-12-2015] Flurida Group 'Ten Outstanding Young' Name list of year 2015 was unveiled

[09-12-2015] To award outstanding employees¡¯ contribution to Group and encourage every staff to devote intelligence and wisdom their positions, Flurida started an election of ten outstanding Young activity in September. Through screening and evaluation, Jianchen Wang, Xuegang Yang, Jian Chen, Yihai Mao, Junlei Zhang, Lichun Jin, Liwei Wang, Zhibo Guo, Rongjun Liu and Han Chao are awarded with the honor and bonus.
President Jeff announced the name list in the Group Working Convention, addressing that hope everyone learn from the 10 young people, cultivate a atmosphere of imitating and perusing, work and execute responsibility with commitment, positivity, pragmatism and good mental status to ensure fulfillment of company target and revenue increase.

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