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[08-08-2015] Flurida Chairman Jeff Ding Donated 550,000 RMB to HDU in 3 years

[08-08-2015] Flurida Group chairman and alumnus of Hangzhou Dianzi University, Jeff Ding has set up ˇ°Fluridaˇ± special fund in Hangzhou Dianzi University to support school education. The fund is mainly used to support school construction and help excellent but financial difficulty students finish their study.
Before 2013, Jeff Ding successfully donated RMB 300,000 to school account, among which 100,000 Yuan was used to found ˇ°Flurida Scholarshipˇ±. ˇ°Flurida Scholarshipˇ± is selected once a year and each named 20 students with 5,000 RMB. The first ˇ°Flurida Scholarshipˇ± was distributed successfully in Nov 2013. The left 200,000 RMB was used for Senior Center construction which will be completed in 2016.
In 2014, Jeff Ding donated 100,000 RMB for ˇ°Flurida Scholarshipˇ± which was distributed successfully in Nov 2014. Also entrusted by Mr. Jeff Ding, the school helped donate 50,000 RMB that was used to contribute Gemeng Village primary school in Ganzishiqu county, Sichuan province for its activity facilities construction and supporting excellent but financial difficulty students. The fund was successfully remitted to the Education Bureau account of Shiqu county on 9th Oct 2014. The school founded ˇ°Flurida Students Work Prizeˇ± for 7 students with each 200 Yuan. The prize is selected once a semester with 33,600Yuan a year in all. The left 16,400 Yuan was used for life facilities construction.
In Aug. 2015, Jeff Ding donated 100,000 Yuan to the Education Development Foundation of Hangzhou Dianzi University. The ˇ°Flurida Scholarshipˇ± was selected in Oct this year.

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