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[10-15-14] Comprehensive Cooperation With HangZhou Dianzi University

(Oct 15th, 2014) Flurida Industry Ltd signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement with Hangzhou Dianzi University on 15th October afternoon. Meanwhile, the appointment ceremony of adjunct professor was held at the 1st floor conference room of Hangzhou Dianzi University. Those who attended the ceremony include: Jin Yibing, deputy secretary of Hangzhou Dianzi University party committee, principals of Students Affairs Department, School of Mechanical Engineering , Local Cooperation Office, Alumni Association, etc. as well as relevant college teacher representatives and all directors and research directors of Flurida Industry Ltd. During the ceremony, Jin Yibin and Ding Jianfeng as the representatives of the two parties signed the cooperation agreement. Jin Yibin presented Ding Jianfeng with letter of appointment, and invited Ding Jianfeng as adjunct professor of Hangzhou Dianzi University.In the afternoon, chairman Ding also gave a lecture entitled Development Path in the discipline introductory course for freshmen of Faculty of Mechanical Engineering .His speech is vivid and fascinating, earning warm applause of students from time to time. After the lecture, chairman Ding answered some questions of the students.

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