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[08-08-2018] Flurida Group Establishes Louisville R&D Center to Accelerate Pace of Technological Innovation

[[08-08-2018] In August 2018, Flurida was set on the brand new journey after gaining rebirth. Currently, the international economic situation is turbulent, the Sino-US trade war is intensifying, and the manufacturing industry is facing a severe test. For Flurida, which relies heavily on the US market, the impact is seriously. However, even in this crisis, we always believe that this is a challenge and an opportunity, embracing change which could help usher in more rapid development. Hence, after the research, Flurida decides the US R&D center will move from Los Angele, and a new R&D Center will formally built in Louisville!
This is an important decision for Flurida and a well-thought-out result. After more than 20 years of exploration and experimentation, basically, Flurida Group has determined the future development direction and positioning. Flurida will always focus on¡®ice, air, water¡¯ as the core product positioning, launch the development and manufacture on smart home appliances. In the future, the US market is still our main target market, GE, Electrolux, Whirlpool, Crystal Mountain and other well-known home appliance brands in the United States are still the core customers and indispensable partners in Flurida¡¯s development. The Louisville R&D Center will build a bridge between customers and us.
Louisville is the main port city on the south bank of the Ohio River and the largest city in Kentucky. The superior geographical location and transportation network provide a unique advantage and strong industrial foundation for the development of Louisville. . It is also the Central American Home Appliances Center. The R&D headquarters of world-renowned home appliance companies such as GE, China Haier, and China Midea are all set here, thus the location advantage is obvious. In addition, Louisville has a wealth of college intellectual resources, which helps the integration of corporate culture and school culture to build a win-win platform for school-enterprise cooperation. And it has far-reaching influence on the deep research and development of enterprises and universities and the transformation of scientific research results.
After the establishment of the Louisville R&D Center, Flurida will plan to establish a comprehensive laboratory with the theme of ¡®ice, water and air¡¯, and configure 10 professional engineers to cover the fields of structure, refrigeration, electronics, software and hardware, etc. Flurida¡¯s R&D and sales capabilities will usher in a qualitative leap and long-term development. The new R&D center will also bring more business opportunities and scientific research results to the company. The way ahead is long, but we will see stresses as challenged and move forward. The crisis and the opportunity will always coexist, we firmly believe that striving for the goal, Flurida will have a better tomorrow.

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