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[05-21-2018] Congratulate Mr. Ding Jianfeng, the Chairman of Flurida Group, elected as the council member of the 5th Council of Anhui Overseas Friendship Association!

[[05-21-2018] Recently, after the decision of meeting of the United Front Work Department of Anhui Provincial Party Committee, China Peaceful Promotion Association (Anhui) and Anhui Overseas Friendship Association were held in Hefei, and a general meeting was held at Hotel Daoxianglou, Hefei on May 21st. Flurida Group Chairman Ding Jianfeng was invited to participate, and was elected as the Director of the Fifth Council of Anhui Overseas Friendship Association!
All the people invited to participate in the conference are those who are accomplished, have made achievements, and have a certain influence in promoting Anhui, promoting cultural and economic exchanges in Anhui and overseas, expanding openness in Anhui, and accelerating the rise.
Mr. Ding Jianfeng, Chairman of Flurida Group, who even though has lived oversea for decades and has made achievements in his career, is still affiliated with China. He has made outstanding contributions to Anhui's economic development and foreign exchanges and cooperation over the years. In 2017, the Chuzhou City Government awarded Chairman Ding Jianfeng the title of ¡°Chuzhou City Honorary Citizen¡±.
Now, Chairman Ding Jianfeng is elected as the director of the ¡°5th Council of Anhui Overseas Friendship Association¡±. The government department affirmed that Ding Jianfeng¡¯s hard working silently for the economic development of Anhui for many years. With the leadership of Chairman Ding, based on the guideline of the national strategy of service innovation-driven development, Flurida will become a friendship bridge for overseas people to innovate and entrepreneurship.
Flurida Group was established in Chicago, USA in 1997. It is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales, service and investment. Headquartered in Los Angeles, USA, the group has 8 subsidiaries, 2 R&D centers and 2 professional laboratories, 5 production bases and 1 technical teams of more than 100 professionals. After 20 years of hard work, Flurida Group has developed a world-class household electrical appliance company with ¡°air, water and ice¡± as its core. Flurida get the remarkable achievement, which has created more than 100 patents, including 27 patents for inventions.

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