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[05-19-2018] President Hu Hua of Hangzhou Dianzi University visited our company -2018 Board Meeting of Anhui Alumni Association of Hangzhou Dianzi University was successfully held!

[[05-19-2018] On the morning of May 19th, Hu Hua, Vice President of Hangzhou Dianzi University, Zhu Zuqian, Secretary General of HDUAlumni Association, and more than 20 members of Anhui Alumni Association of Hangzhou Dianzi University visited Flurida(Chuzhou), andsuccessfully hosted 2018 Anhui Alumni Association Council meeting. Dong Yunting, president of the Beijing Alumni Association of HDU and Senior Advisor of the Flurida Group attended the meeting. Mr. Ding Jianfeng, president of Anhui Alumni Association of HDU, founder of the Flurida Group and Chairman of the Board of Directors, led the company¡¯s executives to receive visitors warmly.
With the guide of Chairman Ding, members of the alumni group including President Hu Hua visited the Flurida's e-commerce division, product exhibition room, central laboratories, parts and components and complete machine production lines, etc., to learn about the company's current production, operation and development. Flurida Group is the strategic partner with Hangzhou Dianzi University; through this visit, both parties expressed satisfaction with the cooperation of the University-Industry Research Alliance and the results of technological breakthroughs and innovations.
In order to enhance the alumni's communication and cooperation, with the joint preparation of the Hangzhou Dianzi University Alumni Association and the Flurida Group, the 2018 Board Meeting of the Anhui Alumni Association of Hangzhou Dianzi University was held in Chuzhou Flurida. Lu Guangyao, secretary general of Anhui Alumni Association, chaired the meeting. Hu Hua, vice president of Hangzhou Dianzi University, made an important speech at the meeting. On the council, President Hu expressed cordial greetings to the alumni and made a corresponding introduction to the current development and changes of Hangzhou Dianzi University. President Hu pointed out that the alumni are an important supporting for HDU¡¯s development of and hope that the alumni can pay more attention to support the development of HDU, developing in-depth cooperation with HDU in terms of personnel training, production, teaching and research cooperation, and achieve a win-win development for alumni and HDU.
The 2018 Council Meeting of the Anhui Alumni Association of Hangzhou Dianzi University successfully concluded after the meaningful discussion. It is trustful that under the cooperation model of production, learning, and research cooperation, Flurida Group will reach its full potential on the effects of intensive combination and large-scale aggregation, realize the integration and sharing of resources within the alliance, constantly break through innovation, and the development of the enterprise will be even more efficient!

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