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[05-18-2018] President Ding Jianfeng presented keynote speech on China Intelligent Summit on Intelligent Sensors and Smart Chips for Household Appliances

[[05-18-2018] On May 18th, the China Intelligent Summit on Intelligent Sensors and Smart Chips for Household Appliances, co-sponsored by the Electronic Information Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the China Household Electrical Appliances Research Institute and the People's Government of Chuzhou City, was successfully held in Chuzhou, Anhui. Ding Jianfeng, Flurida Group founder, chairman of the board of directors, senior engineer and part-time professor of Hangzhou Dianzi University, was invited to attend the forum and delivered the keynote speech titled ˇ°Application of Chips and Sensors in White Appliances' Key Componentsˇ±!
In this forum, major domestic appliance manufacturers such as Haier, Midea, Hisense Air Conditioning, Gree and local suppliers of components such as sensors and chips were gathered together. The speech delivered by Chairman Ding Jianfeng at the meeting received extensive attention from the industry.
President Ding recalled the development history of Flurida Group in his speech. As an enterprise which devoted to the appliance industry for many years, Flurida has been adhering to the business philosophy of ˇ°Profession Creates Valueˇ±. In 2000, Flurida became the supplier of Gree air-conditioning pressure sensor system components. In 2006, Flurida developed and designed the IWD system for BSH, and obtained a number of certifications for food, VDE, UL, and CCC. In 2007, Flurida supplied Electrolux with high-efficiency motors to realize temperature compensation technology. In recent years, Flurida independence R & D and manufacture of three-in-one intelligent ice water machine, including a large number of sensor applications, widely praised by the market users ... Flurida Group's more than two decades of growth history is a history of continuous adaptation to the market and constant innovation.
In the speech, Chairman Ding also took audience to learn the application of sensors and chips in Flurida's ice machines and fans. Over the years, Flurida Group has continuously expanded its scientific research team, strengthened scientific and technological innovation, and upgraded its products. . Nowadays, it has developed into a world-class household appliance brand with ˇ°air, water, and iceˇ± as the core, completing a huge scale from a small trading company to a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales, service, and investment. There are many people who have dreams, and few people can adhere to it. It was like a marathon. It was bustling at the beginning and you chased after me. Halfway through, there were fewer and fewer competitors. The more you ran forward, the brighter you were, and there were not many people who could run to the finish. The same is true on the road to success. It is not as crowded as we thought, because there are not many people who can always insist. Hopefully, all of us would not give up early.
Finally, Chairman Ding called on companies to listen to the voice of users, meet the needs of users, actively innovate and develop in the field of chips and sensors, produce products that are globally competitive, and jointly open up new horizons in the field of smart home appliances. In the future, Flurida Group will continue to enhance its scientific research capabilities, use reliable quality and excellent services to win market competition, establish reputation, and build national brands. President Ding remembers one sentence that said ˇ°No matter what happens, don't give up easily. Stick to it and there will definitely be unexpected scenery. Perhaps the fortune does not make you see the dawn, but please insist on it again. After all, the road ahead is long. Going on, you might be tired; but you will regret if you do not go.

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