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[03-21-2018] Wen Jinsong, Deputy Director of Anhui Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, investigating Flurida, Chuzhou

[[03-21-2018] On the afternoon of March 21, 2018, Wen Jingsong, Deputy Director of Anhui Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, and his party came to Flurida, Chuzhou to carry out research activities to understand the import and export of the company and the problems of commodity inspection, and to provide guiding opinions and suggestions. Director Yao of Chuzhou Entry Inspection and Quarantine Bureau and Director Zhang of the Management Committee of Chuzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone accompanied the investigation.
Accompanied by Chairman Flurida Group CEO Ding, director Wen visited the company's product showrooms, laboratories, and core parts production workshops. He listened to the person in charge who introduced the company's operations, and inquired about the company's import and export data. Proposing the company's problems in the practice of import and export operations. Director Wen visited company's newly established e-commerce operation department and encouraged the company to make overall plans for the development of a cross-border e-commerce business.
Director Wen said that the Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau would take the initiative to do a good job of supervision, while actively promoting relevant preferential policies to help companies solve related difficulties and problems and fully support the development of the enterprise.

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