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[6-28-13] Chuzhou Flurida is ISO14001 certified

(June 28th, 2013) Chuzhou Flurida Mechanical Electronics Co., Ltd receives both a GB/T24001-2004/ISO14001-2004 Environmental Management System certificate and a GB/T28001-2011 Occupational Health and Safety Management System certificate for conformity. Chuzhou Flurida meets national and international standards for its workshop management, system file management, personnel training, and critical environmental factor and hazard source control.

The Environmental and Occupational Safety Management Systems are the most widely applied general management system in the world. It reflects concepts of sustainability for both business and environment. Based on environmental and safety management perspectives, the two system standards standardize and systemize management following the PDCA (plan-do-check-act) process cycle management method. They enhance the competitiveness of business by supplementing and improving the current business management system.

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