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[10-28-2017] Yunting Dong,Hired as Flurida Senior Advisor

On October 28, Mr. Yunting Dong, President of China Electronics Enterprise Association and Director of Strategic Research Center of Electronics and Information Industry Development Research Institute, was formally hired as Senior Advisor for Strategic Development of Flurida Group, giving advice and suggestions to the Flurida's business strategy.
Mr. Dong is mainly engaged in the research work of industry planning, development strategy, policies and regulations, product market, enterprise reform, technological innovation and project management, etc. He has rich experience and unique opinions in the fields of market system, industrial policy and business management.
Mr. Dong became a member ofFlurida, which is guidance and significance to Group's future development. He will play a catalytic role on many aspects, such as the upcoming IPO of Flurida in China, the corporate transformation and upgrading, and the management level improvement and so on.

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